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Sunday, March 20, 2011

5 stars for Across Eternity by Aris Whittier

A gentle romance with a twist

One of the reasons I got interested in this book is its location. It takes place in a beautiful town along the southern Californian coast I know well. The other reason was that the author asked me if I would consider writing a review. I normally don’t write reviews on demand because I decided to only review books I liked. The blurb, however, sounded interesting and I loved the cover (you know a picture says more than a thousand words). Anyway, I read it and loved it.

When the sophisticated and successful Logan Richards meets Amber, a beautiful waitress of modest means, in a restaurant in Dana Point, California, it was “love at first sight” for him--make that “love at second or third sight,” since he had met her many times before, only she didn’t know it. Amber, however, enjoys his kind, sophisticated, and generous demeanor. After a flirtatious beginning, an almost picture-perfect relationship begins to develop. However, what is “too good to be true” does not exist in real life or in a well-written novel. There is a secret in Logan’s life, which throws a shadow over the sunny southern Californian romance.

Reading this novel, I laughed and cried. This is a beautifully written, emotional story about the power of love and compassion. And although Logan is an almost too perfect man, you can’t help but fall in love with him and Amber. Lively description of scenery and strong images and just enough tension to keep you turning the page.


  1. Christa thank you for reviewing Across Eternity. I'm so glad you enjoyed it and that Amber and Logan were able to make you laugh and cry!


  2. Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to your next book!

  3. Covers can really influence whether I buy a book or not. Across Eternity sounds interesting. Usually I tend to dislike "perfect" characters, but apparently I wouldn't dislike this one!

    (I sent you an email asking about German translation, then I answered my own question by coming to your blog!)

    Helen Ginger