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Friday, April 20, 2012

FORGING TRUTH by Raymond Masters

Today, I have the privilege to welcome a fellow author to my blog.

Raymond Masters has written a fascinating novel and I am excited to find out more about the book, its background as well as the person behind the book. Please welcome Raymond Masters.

Before I start in about Forging Truth, I'd like to say not only thank you to Christa for allowing me to take up space on her site, but to all of you, as well. Thanks for reading along. Now, let's discuss the book.

Forging Truth is primarily a story about a guy with powers and how he chooses to use them. That's really the story simplified down to its smallest part, but still, that's it. To complicate it: Kade's tale is superhero-meets-magic-meets-angels. But, really it's all about Kade Christopher Truth and his journey. It's a character-driven, first-persons experience of how one man reacts to this fantastical world, revealing itself all around him.

So, what got me interested in writing something like this? Well, a few factors, really.

Number one: I'm a huge comic book geek. I love the idea of super-humans battling it out. Superman has always been my go-to character, but lately, I've been gravitating toward the little guy who gains powers too large for him to comprehend. It's like seeing a kid try on his father's suit. He's very awkward and gangly. It looks out of place on him. Then, you look again, and you can see the man he'll eventually grow into.

Number two: Magic is pretty much an extension of the super-hero examples I mentioned. You still have a guy with the potential to do lots of good or lots of bad in the universe. A mage in full control is very fun to watch, unleashed. That's very true. However, from a story standpoint, it's sometimes more enjoyable to see the world through an amateur's eyes. That's our friend Kade.

Number three: I drew from my upbringing and my parents' influence for the religious side of my story. While I've definitely lapsed from my church-going youth, I still hold God in the highest place in my life. While I took liberties with some events from the biblical history, I did it respectfully. There are also a lot of great themes to be found in the Bible. It's hard not to draw from them.

Number four: Transference. I put so much of myself into the protagonist that I almost felt as though I was the one flying around and shooting blasts from my palms. I honestly didn't realize how much I had poured my personality into Kade until I did a reread for the edits. Wow, that guy is a lot like me, but you know, he died and came back to life with powers. So there's that.

I really hope you enjoyed reading some insight into why I write what I write. And I hope you'll click through some of the links Christa's been awesome enough to include here. If it sounds like something you, or your friends, would get a kick out of, pick it up and then shoot me an email to let me know what you think.

Thanks for helping me Spread the Truth.

- Raymond


Kindle Version


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Book Blurb from back jacket:


Kade Truth awakens in a strange house sideways of reality, where he
learns he has “died” in a mysterious attack on the Statue of Liberty.
Rather than facing the afterlife, he now wields energy powers,
including flight. Kade joins and befriends Caduceus – eccentric
caretaker, magician, and feeder of soup – and Mao F’Yang – an
intoxicating girl with the uncanny ability to disappear – in a quest
to regain his memories, uncover who is behind the attack, and discover
why he has been so drastically altered.

In a counter to Kade’s mission, the malign Dark Monk joins forces with
Richard Van Parson – arrogant CEO of VPI – to forward his own hellish
agenda under the ruse of a retaliatory war.

The question remains, though, if the French government orchestrated
the Liberty Island attack, why are our heroes certain of Van Parson’s
involvement? What ties does the Dark Monk have with Caduceus? What
designs does he have for Kade? And will Kade unravel the truth in time
to embrace his true destiny?

Thursday, April 19, 2012

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