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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Finding Angelo (The Wine Lover's Daughter, Book 2) - paperback is out!!

Dear Loyal Readers,

I have great news for those of you who still like to hold a "real" book--made of reap paper and ink and with a beautiful glossy cover--in their hands. The paperback version of Finding Angelo is now available on Amazon.

Link: Paperback Finding Angelo

As a reminder, here is the blurb again:
A hidden diary and a crumpled envelope, postmarked in Italy, are the only clues Martin Segantino has to what happened to his younger brother Angelo, the black sheep of the family, who disappeared under mysterious circumstances twenty years ago. When the police find the skeleton of Angelo's close friend buried in one of the fields on the Segantino vineyards, the hunt for Angelo begins. Is he the killer or is he himself a victim? Sofia Segantino, great-niece of Angelo by marriage, embarks on her own search for the missing man. On her trip through the Piedmont region of Italy, she uncovers clues of Angelo's whereabouts, which puts her in grave danger. The local gangsters are equally interested in the elusive Angelo and are ready to do whatever it takes to find him. Will Sofia be able to outsmart them?

Part family drama, part suspense, Finding Angelo takes the reader on a thrilling journey from California via Chicago and New York to Italy.

Happy Reading, my Fellow Bookworms!


  1. This is great news! You are getting quite a collection of books penned by you! Bravo!!

  2. Zowie! WHY didn't you tell me? I am just DAYS AWAY from starting THE ITALIAN SISTER, I can order this and read it right after. Hooray!

  3. Sorry, Monster! I've been a little busy, but I would've told you. And thanks for reading my books. I really appreciate it. There is nothing more rewarding for an author than have readers. Cheers!