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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Coffee, cake, chatting, and mulled wine with author Linda Huber in Zurich


For those who missed Linda's blog post last week!

One of the challenges of being an independent author is creating connections, but this is also one of its perks. Since I started my micro publishing business back in 2010, I have had the good fortune of meeting many wonderful friends on social media. The true pleasure, however, is when you have the chance to get together with them in person. I've met several of my author and reader friends for lunch or an outing and these occasions are always an inspiration.

One such opportunity I had when meeting Linda Huber, the talented author of books such as The Attic Room and The Cold Cold Sea. During my yearly stay in my original home country, Switzerland, this November, we met in the city of Zurich. We took a stroll through the old part of Zurich, visited one of my favorite coffee shops, the richly decorated Cafe Felix at Bellevue, which serves excellent coffee and cake. While enjoying a cappuccino and a delicious Aprikosen-Streuselkuchen (apricot crumb cake), we talked about books, about Scotland (where Linda is from), California (where I live), and tons of other topics.

To walk off some of the calories, we took another stroll, admiring the many small shops, the beautiful old buildings, and Christmas decorations.

Since the weather was rather on the cold and wet side, we needed to warm up at one of the many Glühwein stands (mulled wine) which, together with roasted chestnuts, are very popular at this time of the year.


It was a truly memorable time and I look forward to more such occasions!


  1. It does look like a fun time and I would love some of that Aprikosen-Streuselkuchen!

  2. I think it is very SHOCKING and suspicious that right after your little (ahem) stop at the mulled wine stand, the country is now facing a huge mulled wine shortage! OH MY STARS! However did you stagger home (or did you wake up in some gutter somewhere as usual? SHAMELESS!!! (But at least you know how to party!)

    CHEERS dah-ling!

    1. Ha, ha. The one and only Monster A Go-Go! Thanks for dropping by....