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Saturday, December 6, 2014

Ghost lore at the Castello di Pavone in Piemonte, Italy

I'm staying in Switzerland at my second home for a while. My nephew had an important birthday and his niece, my great-niece, organized a wonderful trip for the family to an old castle in the Piedmont region, Italy, just south of Switzerland.

The castle was renovated and turned into a hotel and restaurant. However, whatever could be kept of the medieval structure was left intact. You could get lost on the inside of the buildings with its many hallways and secret pathways. Pictures of the predecessors of the castle looked down from the walls of every room and I swear I heard a ghost at night, rattling in the hallways. Hmmm?

Il pavone, the peacock is the symbol of the castle.

The towns below are Pavone and Ivrea.

Gorgeous suites and bedrooms, all in the old style with paintings from the original castle.

View from the castle.

The gardens are well kept but natural.

Dinner and breakfast were served in a vaulted cellar.

Very romantic and special. Who knows, my next novel may take place in the Piedmont in Italy!
More about the castle and its history:


  1. How charming. I love places like this. We have discovered some unique places here in Spain as well. Have a fabulous Christmas!

    1. Thanks, Darlene. Have a wonderful Christmas as well--and I bet the weather is Spain is a tad better than here in Switzerland!.

    2. I meant, of course, the weather in Spain ... (fat fingers)