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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Molly Hacker is Too Picky - Is she really? Fun, witty, and insightful

As so many of Lisette Brodey’s fans, I “met” Molly Hacker on her blog and was very curious to “connect” with her again in the novel. She is quite a character, witty, spunky, and a good sport. However, when it comes to finding Mr. Right, she has to overcome quite a few obstacles: her own somewhat confused ideas and feelings about love, her well-meaning but somewhat pushy friends, an important woman (the she-devil) in the media industry who is out to sabotage her.

To say that the book is entertaining is an understatement. It is a real page-turner, devilishly funny, engaging, and sensitive. It deals in an insightful way with problems of love, friendships, and relationships we all struggle with sometimes. And it gives us a fascinating, tongue-in-cheek picture of the world of journalism and the media.

Molly for all her blunders is someone you just have to like. All the characters are well-developed, vivid, and genuine. I particularly enjoyed the exchange between Molly and her best buddy, Randy. What a riot!

Another successful story by a very talented author!                  


  1. I see you also enjoyed the chemistry between Molly and Randy :D
    This may sound strange but I'm actually reading it again, I think it is funnier the second time around too because I feel closer to the characters. Wouldn't surprise me if I read it a third time either. I've never done that before with a book. Kind of attached to it.

    Such a great book.

  2. Christa:

    Thanks so much for this wonderful review! I'm so glad you enjoyed Molly's novel. I really enjoyed telling her story -- or should I say being her secretary as she told it all to me! :-)

    And Lisa, many thanks to you! How wonderful that you're reading the book twice! Such a great compliment!

  3. Thanks Lisette and Lisa for dropping by.

    Lisa, if you read my blog post of Dec. 23, you'll see that I reread books a lot, of course, only those I like. And Molly Hacker is too picky is one of them!

    A safe and happy transition to
    2012. Can you guys believe it?